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The city of Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark situated by the sea in the heart of Jutland.

The municipality of Aarhus covers approximately 300,000 inhabitants with an additional 1,200,000 in the surrounding region of East Jutland; this makes it the second-largest region in Denmark
Aarhus has many activities to offer. Each year in late summer, the city centre and parts of the harbour are turned into one large festival. Aarhus Festuge, which the festival is called, has almost become a national event as it attracts people from all over. Each year there is a new theme around which a large number of cultural activities are planned. During this week the city is filled with stalls, outdoor cafés, concerts, street theatre … and loads of happy people.

Big attractions in Aarhus include ARoS, Aarhus Museum of Art, the Old Town, which is an open air museum and Moesgaard Museum, which is an archaeological collection in idyllic surroundings.
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